3 Ways to Max Your Message

I am amazed to see so many businesses and professionals routinely miss these easy opportunities to help their customers/prospects while maximizing their marketing for little or no added cost. I hope that by reading this, you will be able to use these tips to close more business and satisfy more prospects.

1.Maximize All Confirmation Pages
The Situation: A prospect signs up for your e-news. After providing their email and any other details they are presented with a confirmation page. It reads, “Thank you! We’ve added you to our mailing list.” There is no navigation, no call to action and no next steps.
The Problem: You’ve just closed the door on an interested an engaged prospect!
The Opportunity: Add something of interest to your confirmation page. It could be a link to a popular article or a preview of the last issue of your e-news. Even pictures or links to products and services are good. If they are still interested, why shoo them out the door?

Similar Situation: A customer completes an online purchase and is taken to the confirmation page.
The Problem: There is nothing but blank space and the words, “Thank you for your order” on the page.
The Opportunity: Again, don’t “shut the door”. There are many opportunities here. If you have the system and resources, offer information that complements something they have purchased. For example, Customer A purchases a scarf, present a link to an article about the different ways to tie a scarf. Even if this article was already presented on the product page, you have their attention, use it.  Now let’s say you don’t have the ability to know what they ordered immediately after purchase. You can still maximize the space by reminding them to join your Facebook page, sign up for your e-news, or subscribe to your blog. Just don’t leave it blank.

2. Maximize The Start & End of Your Videos
The Situation: A prospect watches your online video. As they watch, they get excited. “I like this,” they think to themselves. Or, “Maybe I should check into this.” The video ends on a blank or random screen.
The Problem: There is no call to action. No next steps. You just shut the door.
The Opportunity: Use that final frame to help your viewer get more information or tell them what you want them to do. Email XYZ. Call XYZ. Visit XYZ. Get your free sample at XYZ. Something to get your prospect to do more than just say, “That was cool…” and move on to the next thing on their list.

3.Maximize Your Signature
The Situation: Digital signatures are everywhere. Signatures vary widely from the casual first name only, to the full-blown, I want you to know everything about me, signature.
The Problem: Unless you’re a business owner who has been “trained” to include a professional signature on everything, you forget to include contact information or think it’s not important. In general, people are inconsistent with their signatures.
The Opportunity: EVERY signature holds the potential for new business, new connections and new opportunities. Don’t give this opportunity up! Even if you’re comfortably working in a company today and think to yourself, no one needs/wants to see my full name and phone number in my signature, you never know when someone will look back at your email to find your contact information. That contact information can be your link a to a great opportunity. Places to remember your signature include: Emails, forwarded emails, connection requests via Linkedin or other sites and e-news (if personal). One word of caution here, I have seen some signatures that are on steroids! You don’t need to include EVERYTHING from your entire website, your resume and your portfolio in your signature. This information overload only makes you look questionable.


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