3 Reasons to Pay Attention to Your Brand

Branding - When you change it's like wearing a mask.The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a “A name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.”

If you have ever been involved in any part of marketing you know how critical branding is. We are reminded again and again that consistency in fonts, colors, messages and logo are critical to success. And yet, when that “special something” comes up, many smaller companies or organizations throw the rule book out the window in favor of the cute graphic, clever icon or fun phrase. So why is brand consistency so critical that it should overpower even the most creative and clever idea you have for your special event, promo or news?


1. Branding means business. When you take your branding seriously, your customer, client, donor or follower takes your business or organization seriously. Whether you’re a business of one or a million and one, people consciously and subconsciously recognize a well executed brand as credible. Credible businesses tend to attract better customers and can usually command higher prices than the business that looks like it might operate part-time out of the garage.


2. Branding helps your customer. When you diverge from your brand you confuse your customer. Here’s an example, I was looking up the Facebook page for an elementary school in our area. Let’s say the name was Blue Lake Elementary. To my frustration, there were several results with nearly identical names listed in the Facebook page search. Blue Lake School, Lake Elementary School, Blue Lake Elementary, Blue Lake School, etc. Searching for something identifiable, I looked at the Facebook photos to determine which one was the correct school. One of them had the school sign for the FB photo. I was pleased to find this was the school I was looking for.

Then I made my mistake, I didn’t “like” the page on my first visit. The next time I went looking for the FB page, guess what? They had changed the FB photo to a graphic for an event going on at the school. It took me three times as long to determine if I had the right school because I remembered the photo, but not the exact name they had used. This is a common misstep. In an effort to bring a new cause, promotion or idea to the forefront, the less brand aware chose creativity and cleverness over consistency. I understand, many of us have fallen victim to the creative spark. Just remember, when you change your identity in any way it’s like putting a mask on and hoping everyone knows it’s still you.


3. Branding makes you  stand out from the crowd. Some of the best local branding that I’ve seen lately is ADOGO* Pet Hotel in Minnetonka, MN. If you live, work, drive, eat, do anything anywhere near highway 62 and 494, you can’t miss the brick building with neon orange windows with cutout dog silhouettes, a giant neon green dog cutout on the lawn and neon lawn umbrellas. And the branding doesn’t stop at the physical location, everywhere you see the ADOGO logo – online, in restaurants, in the local paper, signs, you name it, you can’t miss the neon green and dog cutout. I don’t even own a dog and I notice them everywhere. Now that’s branding!

Adogo logo


What to commit to memory:

  • Branding makes you more credible.
  • Consistency in brand is more important than ANY creative spark.
  • Clever branding will get you noticed.

*I was not paid to mention ADOGO. I just admire their branding.

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  1. I agree, Karin. I’ve seem many businesses disregard their branding for fun fonts and clip art that are not in keeping with their brand style. This can not only confuse but alienate clients who have come to expect a consistent brand image. It can be easy for the business to get bored with their brand, but they need to keep in mind that their clients aren’t bored and the business is building recognition through consistency.