3 Things that Will Change in the Digital Decade

The Digital Decade - What Will Change?

Devices are changing, how we interact with each other is changing, and how consumers are consuming content is changing. Here are three things I see changing in the Digital Decade.

1. Terms used to separate marketing tactics will evolve. Internet Marketing. Social Media Strategy. Traditional Marketing. “Online” or “Interactive” Marketing in some cases are becoming the norm. I don’t think each avenue will be viewed as such separate activates. A Marketing Manager in the future may not need to define their types of specialties. After all, isn’t it all just “Marketing”? Online and Interactive isn’t the new kid on the block anymore, and for marketers to make it in this new digital decade they’ll have to understand how to develop campaigns that translate to all avenues, and not just tacking on online executions like an afterthought.

2. Less will be more. Many are diving in head first to understand new digital platforms and how users are interacting with them. Do we need a mobile website? How will this look on a tablet? Can this coupon get scanned at checkout from any phone? I think what comes first will evolve, (currently we start with print, followed by a desktop website, then translate that to a mobile device if we’ve got any money left over). I find it interesting to cut down content for smaller devices. Why? Because what you end up realizing is while you’re trying to cut down content to fit into a smaller screen, what you’re also doing is eliminating a lot of content that didn’t really belong there in the first place. Don’t have a 4th column just because you have room. Cross selling on every page can sometimes be too distracting from the main purpose of your mission. Bottom line: Add only what you need that is relevant to your customer, and forget the rest. As more technology emerges the devices we keep will get smaller and our “physical” possessions will be fewer. Why have DVDs that take up space when files can all be stored on my TV? Why have a TV when I can access movies and shows on my computer screen? Make sure your main message doesn’t get lost in the clutter and the short moments you’re able to capture your audience’s attention will be more impactful.

3. We will view privacy differently. While it’s true that there are still Identity theft threats looming around corners, I think we will become more and more accepting of how we view what brands and companies know about us. Imagine walking down a street, and the only ads that pop into your sight are for brands you’ve indicated you love. Browsing the internet will only render ads for products that suit your stage of life. Walking into your home will automatically set the room temperature to your preference, and the TVs are smart enough to record your favorite programs you forgot were on. Some of this is already a reality. A lot of people freak out about it. But to be honest, if I’m going to be subjected to a paid ad or a movie preview, I’d much rather it be focused on something I might care about. Wouldn’t you?

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