3 Trends. 3 Years. What Can We Learn? Today’s Trend: Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Every year around this time there are thousands of articles written “predicting” the new year’s events and trends. We rarely go back and look at the past year’s predictions to see how meaningful these predictions really are. Are we getting just the same story in a different set of clothing from one year to the next?

I decided to look at 3 popular trends (Mobile Marketing, Video Marketing and Social Media) and compare notes on the comments, predictions and ideas that various professionals have had over the past 3 years. I’ll be interested to see if we can actually learn more when we look through this wider lens.

Today’s  trend: Mobile Marketing

2010 predictions…

Source: Mobile Marketer, “What will be the major trends in mobile marketing in 2010?” By Giselle Tsirulnik

  • The U.S. mobile Web will reach nearly 100 million unique users per month in 2010, according to Millennial Media.
  • Advertisers, who previously relied on more traditional advertising channels, will increasingly allocate portions of their media spend to mobile in 2010, according to Millennial Media.
  • [Phone carriers will open up location information.] This will enable marketers to deliver location-triggered programs to consumers who have asked to receive them.
  • As price sensitivity begins to wane and consumers look for more meaningful ways to interact with the brands that they care about, 2010 will bring a reinvention of the coupon specific to interests of consumers as retailers promote PC-Web and mobile Web destinations where consumers can opt-in for specials and coupons.
  • Mobile-driven retail activity and commerce will continue to increase with retailers leveraging new mobile-specific technologies to convert browsers into buyers.
  • Mobile search will become a high driver of in-store traffic, according to Moxie Interactive.

2011 predictions…

Source: Hubspot Blog. “8 Key Mobile Marketing Trends

  • Mobile Marketing spend is on the rise.
  • Smartphones are beginning to dominate the mobile world (estimated to reach 60.2 million by end of 2010 – 50% increase over 2009).
  • Demand for the tablet is increasing
  • Mobile optimization is a reality. The user experience is becoming more engaging and simple.
  • Mobile goes social. Neilsen reported social networking as the fastest growing category among apps and mobile browsers, growing 240 and 90 percent respectively. The author went on to add this was an area of “tremendous opportunity”.
  • Location-based mobile marketing will become a necessity. Consumers will begin to expect and rely on mobile sites and apps to respond according to their geographic location.
  • Debate between mobile applications vs. mobile website continues.
  • Consumers want accessibility. Consumers want and expect speed and ease of use.

2012 predictions…

The 2012 predictions are still streaming in, but here are some of the more interesting  ideas for 2012 and beyond:

Source: Master The New Net. Three Major Mobile Marketing Predictions for 2012

  • Mobile E-commerce will reach a tipping point. In 2010, e-commerce sales from mobile devices on Black Friday was 3.2%; in 2011, this number jumped to 9.8%. This year will be the tipping point for the e-commerce portion of the mobile mega-trend.
  • Apps will see a decline. App development is expensive and time consuming and usually has no advantages over mobile sites. They have to be downloaded and installed: This isn’t my preferred way to access things, is it yours? Plus, apps can’t be linked to easily, so they’re harder to promote. In 2012, marketers will begin to realize that mobile sites can do virtually everything an app can do, easier, faster and cheaper.
  • Inbound Marketing will enter the world of mobile.  Companies will find that inbound marketing (a/k/a content marketing) takes time, but the out-of-pocket expenses are low.

Source: Small Business Trends. “5 Internet Marketing Predictions for 2012” By Susan Payton

  • Mobile coupons picked up the pace this year, as Computer Business Review reports, and it was the first time for me (out in California) that when I handed my phone to a cashier I didn’t get a blank stare. There’s hope yet. I think we’ll see wider adoption of mobile coupons and more effective apps in 2012.

Source: SEO and SEM News. “SEO Apocalypse 2012: Mobile Marketing Trends and Search

  • There will be reduced dependency on text for search and logins in 2012, particularly on mobile devices.


Out of all these trends, predictions and thoughts I felt the last one about search was a red flag. Think about it, search via voice will change everything. There’s a lot of buzz about the Siri phone, and Andorid has been using voice actions for a while. What will happen when computers start taking voice commands as the norm? Perhaps this is the prediction. Maybe we need to get ready to ditch the old keyboard because it won’t be long before we are telling our computer and our mobile phones what to do!

Be sure to watch for the next segment on Video Marketing predictions over the past 3 years and today.

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