4 Steps: Save Money with Team Alignment

Align your team to save money.Business coach, Pam Kearney, posted these great tips on how to quickly align your team when you find your unable to move forward during a project. Whether it’s an online or offline project, a stuck, stalled or stagnant project costs your company money and can even cost you good employees!

4 Steps to Get in Alignment Quickly

1. Establish Where You are in Agreement. Do you have common values? This is key! Finding shared reference points is an essential step to beginning the alignment process. Refer to your Company’s Core Values. Come back to this whenever there is disagreement.

2. Do You Have a Shared Goal or Purpose? Here is where the discussion needs to take a deeper dive. Frequently, people say they have a shared goal, but during a focused and honest discussion, other agendas may be flushed out, which can change the alignment of your team. If you Establish a Clear Goal, then everyone can fully contribute, willingly and with much less effort.

3. Are You Using a Common Method or Process? Here is where I see the most common misalignment. People will have different ways of doing things, and often others judge them wrong, just because it’s not the way they would do it. Are your most common procedures documented and followed by all?

4. Are You Using Shared Data? Easy to overlook, this can be a frequent source of misalignment. Check the scorecard and determine if all of you are working from the same baseline.

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