4 Time-Saving Tips My Friends Didn’t Know

Every time I share these time-saving tips with family and friends I have to remind myself that not everyone is glued to the computer 8 to 10 hours a day. However, if you’re like me and you are on the computer continuously and have been for years, then these tips are likely already part of your everyday routine. In such cases, I implore you to share your time saving tips in the comments below.

Time Saving Tips

1. Quick Copy & Paste Text (Windows)

STEP 1: Highlight the text.
STEP 2: Hold down the Control key (Ctrl) and hit the “c” key
STEP 3: Go to the place where you want to paste. Now hold down the Control key and hit the “v” key.

Voila! your text has been pasted. Do this a few times and it will become second nature.

2. Undo (Windows) – A.K.A. Oops!

STEP 1: Hold down Control (Ctrl) and hit “z”.

Eureka! The error is gone.

3. Easy Screenshots – My favorite tool for screenshots is Snagit, but if you’re in need of a quick screenshot and you don’t care what else you might capture, here’s what to do.

STEP 1: Look on your keyboard for the key that says “Print Screen” or an abbreviation of Print Screen.
STEP 2: Open a Word program such as MS Word.
STEP 3: Hold Control (Ctrl) and hit “v” (paste). Sometimes this doesn’t work for unknown reasons, but it’s worth trying more than once.

4. Resizing a Photo – There are so many different photo sizing tools out there that I couldn’t possibly address them all here. To keep it simple, I will focus on one that comes free on most Window machines, Paint. You can find it under All Programs>Accessories.

STEP 1: While in Paint hold Control (Ctrl) and “o” (for open). Now find the photo or image you wish to re-size.
STEP 2: Hold Control (Ctrl) and “w”. This will open the resizing window. Chose the percentage you wish to change the image (be sure you keep it consistent if you want it to look the same).

That’s all for now. Remember if you have little time-saving tips and tools that you use, don’t keep them to yourself, help others by sharing!

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