5 Secrets To Getting It All Done

Time ManagementI’m often asked how I get so much done. I run two businesses (Strategy E-ssentials and Bounce), manage an active family, belong to various organizations, travel and fit the many miscellaneous things that come up in-between. Here are my top 5 secrets to getting it all done. What are yours?

1. Mental Time Management: Over the years I have developed a practice of learning to tell time without a clock. It takes practice, but I believe anyone can master this skill. Here’s is what worked for me. Start by watching the clock (or your watch) constantly. I would look at the clock every few minutes for about a day. Some people may need to do this for as long as a week to get accustomed to the pattern of time. Eventually your brain gets in tune with time. Pretty soon you will notice you don’t even need to look at a clock to know what time it is. At first you may just have a general idea of what time it is. Before you know it, you can tell time down to the minute. I find the “magic” wears off shortly after I stop practicing. It also trips me up when the time changes such as Daylight Savings Time or when I travel. However, once I start practicing, my mental clock quickly kicks in. It works great as a natural way to wake up and really helps to keep me on schedule.

2. From Perfection to Un-perfection: There was a time in my life when I would admit I was close to being called a perfectionist. Luckily for me, the light bulb went off and I realized it’s more important to get things done and done “well” than not done and done “perfect.” Now whenever I feel the perfection bug sneaking up on me I go though my perfection checklist: 1. Who is my audience? Do they care if it’s is not perfect? 2. Which is more important – time or perfection? 3. What is the big picture? Am I making a big deal out of nothing? 4. Let go. Enough said.

3. Delegate & Have A Backup: To effectively manage teams of people you need to learn to delegate. As the saying goes, “There is no ‘I” in team.”  In addition to learning what and when to delegate, I always try to have a backup plan. What if I’m not available or the person or team is not available? Having a backup from the beginning alleviates a lot of stress for you, your clients and those working with you.

4. Know When to Say When: You know when to say stop when filling you coffee cup, so why do we say keep filling when we see our “work cup” is about to overflow? I’ve been guilty of this one on more than one occasion. I think it’s due to the suitcase phenomenon. Have you ever noticed that you can pack a suitcase once and think you have fit everything you can inside only to find when push comes to shove you could fit a little more? This is why some of us don’t know when to say when. We are never quite sure when our suitcase will truly be full. The best advice I have is to make a schedule, stick to it and to take on new things SLOWLY.

5. Priorities, priorities, priorities: This really should be number one, but I thought I’d save the best for last. Knowing your priorities will always be your number one secret weapon to getting it all done. I look at my priorities on at least three levels. There are my overall life priorities, my daily priorities and my work priorities. If you have a clear picture of your priorities at any given time, then you know what you should be doing. Now you just need to get to it!

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Karin Khuhro is a Digital Marketing Strategist, Speaker and Copywriter. As the owner of Strategy E-ssentials she works with other savvy marketers, digital specialists and business leaders to bring knowledge, know-how and solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Connect with Karin on Google+ or Linkedin.