5 Tips to Better Emails

Email Marketing Tips - graphicMarketing emails are a great way to get your message out to a wide audience. Here are 5 tips to make your marketing emails even more effective:

1.  KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. The more you know about your email audience, the better you can craft your message and the more likely it is that your email will be read. Is your audience male or female? Young or old? Where are they from (state and city)? What are they interested in? What is their interest level in your subject? What is their motivation for receiving your email?

2. ADHD IS THE NORM. Even the most devoted fan has a limited attention span. If you have an important message, put it at the TOP and repeat it at the bottom. Think of an infomercial, they always repeat the call to action throughout the show and at the end.

3. VISUALS ARE “NICE TO HAVE” NOT ESSENTIAL. The designer in me likes the visuals in an email, but the reality is many people turn off images or don’t have image capabilities in email. If you’re going to use images be sure to include an image tag, also known as the ALT tag with a clear explanation of what the image is about.

4. “MURDER YOUR DARLINGS.” This was a quote that one of my writing professors loved to use to explain the importance of cutting out the cutesy and non-essential clutter in your writing. Additionally, you should always edit and spell check your work. Whenever possible have someone else edit. This includes checking all links.

5. INCLUDE CONTACT INFO. Typically you’re sending an email to get a response. To get a response you need contact information. In the case of a marketing email, I recommend including all touch points. This includes your email, phone number(s), website, Facebook page, blog, LinkedIn, whatever makes sense for your business. You want to be contacted so make it easy!

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