6 Tips to a GREAT Customer Experience Online

If you read my last two blog posts, one on a positive customer experience with Whole Foods and one on a negative experience with FedEx office, you may be wondering how these experiences translate to the online world. Below are 6 ways you can give your online customers a great experience. One blog post cannot address all the ways you can create a great experience, to learn more contact us.


6 Tips to Creating a GREAT Customer Experience Online

1.Show you take pride in your store by having a CLEAN PURCHASING PATH. Just as you want your store to look clean and well managed, your online store needs to be clean and easy to navigate. This means no fly-ins, pop-ups (are they still around?!), self starting videos, animated ads and other “clutter” that gets in the way. Keep all types of ads to a minimum. Once a person is in checkout, I highly recommend not distracting them with up sells, cross sells, news, events or other things that are less important than making the sale. This seems obvious, yet I still see so many sites that fail to convert because they constantly distract.

2.Show you care about your customer by having COMPLETE CONTENT. Content efficiency is good for 90% of your site, but when it comes to your product pages, I want full disclosure. If there is more information than I need on a product page, I’ll ignore it. However, if the information is not complete, I won’t buy.  Basic information such as the size/dimensions, color samples, close-up photos and a full description of a product can be a deal maker or breaker. I was recently shopping for a bookcase and I can’t tell you how many sellers forgot to include all the measurements. One more note about content, be sure to include information about you and/or your company along with contact information. I want to know who you are before I pull out my credit card.

3.Show you’re honest and upfront with your customers by ANSWERING COMMON QUESTIONS. One of my greatest pet peeves is when companies hide their shipping fees. There are still companies out there that think people are more likely to purchase if they can’t see the total fees upfront. Not only is this assumption wrong, it’s bad business. Why should I trust you if you’re going to hide something as basic as the cost to ship it to me? I know what you’re going to say, “Shipping depends on where it’s being shipped and the current rates.” I understand, but there are many simple ways to help your customer. Add a link to the bottom navigation called “Shipping & Fees”. Some ideas:

  • Provide a shipping table with fees based on total purchase
  • Offer a zip code entry to calculate the cost. If you have this functionality in checkout tell your customers on the “Shipping & Fees” page.
  • Offer ranges and explain when and how the customer can see final fees.

The bottom line is to just be up font. Your customers will thank you with their purchase!

4.Show you’re attentive with an ONLINE CHAT. Regardless of your size, this is easier than you think. “Online chat” doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars or be available 24/7. Depending on your size and your budget, there are a variety of tools you can use to answer customer questions. Tools range from free, such as opening up your Twitter page for questions during a designated time period, to more pricy options like LivePerson or Moxie. This feature is especially nice when you are selling a high ticket item or a potentially confusing product/service. Be sure to post when the online chat will be available. It’s so frustrating when a site has online chat, but it’s off and you have no idea if they will be on in 5 minutes or 5 days.

5.Show you’re vigilant about your customers’ safety by having a SECURE ENVIRONMENT. I still find small e-shops with great products and no security. Among other things, I always check for the https in the URL before purchasing or giving information that I consider private. If you’re asking for credit cards, bank information, etc. you had better have a secure server with an up-to-date certificate. If you’re missing these things, I’m not buying, no matter how much I like you or your product.

6.Show you’re paying attention to your site and your customers by ADDRESSING ERRORS. No one is perfect. Not me, not you, not that big company down the road. We all have an error or two on our site at some point. The important thing is that we get it fixed as fast as possible and pay attention to customer comments so we understand what’s happening.

Have tips you’d like to share, comment below.



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