About Us

At Strategy E-ssentials we help our clients increase sales and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty online. We are a team of highly experienced:

  • online marketing strategists
  • creative web designers
  • innovative developers
  • performance driven ad specialists
  • number crunching testers and analyzers

We’re as flexible as we are functional. From hourly consulting in order to uncover the best tools for your business to succeed online, to launching a full-blown marketing campaign strategy that includes ad words, landing page, email and more, we have the team, the talent and the experience to make it happen.



Guest Bloggers

We love having guest bloggers join us in the conversation to help explore, extrapolate and educate in our online world. If you’re interested in adding meaningful content, please contact Karin.

Abbey is the Online Design & Usability lead at 3M Headquarters in St Paul, MN. Working for brands like Post-it, Scotch Tape, and Ace, Abbey helps lead the usability and design process for 3M’s online and mobile experiences.  Abbey focuses on putting usability and consistency in her designs over flashy frills to provide the best user experience for consumers. She shares her experiences and what she learns from other professionals along the way on her blog, Dotcom Girls. You can find a portfolio of Abbey’s work at: www.abbeytosic.com.

Scott is the Interactive Marketing Specialist for Stratasys in Eden Prairie, MN. Working on all things web, he can be found ‘geeking out ‘ on managing the PPC and SEO programs, analyzing all Stratasys web presence analytics, making recommendations as needed for testing and kick starting the social media program. All decisions begin and end with the data that Scott is constantly mining. He’s also finishing the Google AdWords Certification Program and attempting a comeback in the local wiffleball league. (It’s pretty hardcore.) You can find Scott on Linkedin.

Josh works at Adobe in their Omniture Business Unit on their Test & Target product (formerly Offermatica) consulting team. He is responsible for helping some of the largest organizations in the world implement and run successful site optimization programs.

As he describes it, his goals are simple: “I’d like everyone I work with to walk away with the knowledge to run a truly rock-star testing program, and the motivation and excitement to make some incredible things happen. If every online marketer is as inspired as I am about testing, then I think my job in this field will be complete and I can pursue my other dream career as a cabana boy.” You can find Josh on Linkedin.

Chad is a blogger with a passion for digital marketing.

With over 10 years of market research experience, he understands the importance of having reliable information when making any business decision. This includes knowing what is currently happening in the marketplace, as well as identifying emerging trends that can have an effect on the future of your business.

He is a former Senior Research Analyst for the Credit Union National Association in Madison, Wisconsin. You can find Chad on LinkedIn or at 1911mainstreet.com.

Jason is passionate about emerging technologies and helping business professionals understand how they can strategically integrate social media and interactive tools into their current sales, marketing and communication activities. You can find Jason on Linkedin or on his blog http://www.jbsem.com/blog.

Brad is the eMarketing and Mobile Lead for 3M’s Consumer Office & Business eHub division. He has a passion for digital technology and where it can take us. To learn more about Brad, visit his Linkedin profile.


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