Are Facebook Pages Going Away?

Facebook Pages Slippery Slope

Are Facebook Pages going away? Recently I was a part of a social media presentation where I talked about the future of Facebook. A slippery slope indeed! The premise of the discussion was around five things businesses can do to take advantage of the upcoming and current Facebook changes. In the discussion I alluded to the fact that pages as we know them today could go away. The key here is “as we know them today” and with the caveat that the pages I was referring to are the pages being used by very small businesses, solopreneurs and personalities, NOT large organizations and brands.

The evidence I gave for such a claim centered on the new subscribe feature introduce by Facebook less than a month ago. If you have a profile and allow people to subscribe to your posts, those people will receive any posts you send that you mark “public” without you needing to add them as a friend. This is one way for journalists, public figures, solopreneurs and others such entities to simplify their Facebook presence. Facebook explains on their Pages profile that they plan to allow Page administrators the option to move people who “Like” their page to be subscribers instead. In such a case the Page would be deleted at the time of migration.

The subscriber option obviously wouldn’t work for large brands or organizations. So where does that leave the larger brands? There’s still speculation on whether or not Facebook will convert Pages to a Timeline similar to what they are doing to the personal Profile. With the term “Profile” going away and being replaced by “Timeline,” it seems only natural that the term “Pages” would eventually be replaced by something more fitting as well. Will Facebook keep with the Timeline theme and rollout something like a Brand or Company Timeline? Or will we merely see tweaks to the term Pages? Once the dust has settled on the personal Profile overhaul, it seems likely that Pages will be next in line for a makeover.

Only time will tell what changes Facebook has in store for us, but if history teaches us anything it’s that we won’t have to wait long for Facebook to make a change.

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