E-ssential Doing: Step-by-Step to Better SEO

Conducted by: Dustin Thompson, Konnected Interactive

Cost: $210

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Essential Doing EventIn our E-ssential Doing session, Step-by-Step to Better SEO, you will work with Dustin Thompson via the Internet, to go beyond the basics and actually apply the principals to YOUR specific business situation.


You will Learn:

  • 5 keys that need to be in your SEO plan. Dustin will examine your website and give advice on the key points you should be including in your SEO plan. Points may include: specific title tags, improved headlines, URLS and better internal link names, opportunities to improve links back to your site, and ways to optimize your site’s images.
  • How to effectively & efficiently use Google’s Keyword Tool for your keywords: Just “trying out” the Google Keyword tool is not enough to find the right keywords for your business. Using your website as an example, Dustin will show you how to use this tool to discover the best keywords to use for your website, your social media communication and more.
  • Entering your keywords: Once you have identified your keywords, you need to know exactly where to put them. Dustin will guide you to where these vital pieces of the SEO puzzle are located for your website.

 3 Valuable Bonuses!

  1. FREE Strategy Worksheet: Save time, save money and continue what you started. This worksheet will be your guide to take what you’ve learned and further develop your ongoing SEO strategy.
  2. FREE Site Metrics Report: A free report created by Dustin illustrating your website’s key metrics.
  3. FREE Competitor Report: A free report showing two of your competitor’s key metrics compared to yours!

Your Results

  • Using what you have learned in this session, plus the strategy worksheet you will be able to apply your learning’s across your website for better search engine optimization.
  • Learning to effectively and efficiently use the Google Keyword Tool, allows you the freedom to use this powerful tool when you add new pages, change content, create pay-per-click ads or even communicate via social media so you always have the right keywords on hand.
  • Keywords that are properly identified and placed on your website will have a noticeable impact on your search ranking!

Our Guarantee

If you do not feel you have learned something that is applicable to your business, we will happily provide you with a free 15 minute private session to help answer any additional questions or concerns.


Further Details

  • Webinar-based and facilitated by Karin Khuhro, experienced digital marketer & strategist.
  • Prior to the session, Dustin will research your business’ website in order to maximize the time and value provided to you.
  • In order for Dustin to better understand your business, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire.
  • You will be joined by up to two other non-competing businesses during the session. This helps all participants learn for each other.
  • You are guaranteed time to discuss/review your specific business situation with Dustin.
  • Learn more about Dustin Thompson and Konnected Interactive.
  • We do our very best to accommodate everyone’s schedule for this live, hand-on session.

Your Package Includes

  • Professional SEO strategist reviewing your business website and current SEO situation and then discussing the findings with you.
  • Professional advice for your business’ SEO plan.
  • Tutorial on Google Keyword tool using your website and top potential keywords.
  • Step-by-step on where/how to place your keywords on your website.
  • Time to discuss your questions with an experienced SEO strategist.
  • FREE Strategy Worksheet.
  • FREE Site Metric Report.
  • FREE Competitor Report.
Valued at over $350!

Your Cost = $210

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About Karin Khuhro

Karin Khuhro is a Digital Marketing Strategist, Speaker and Copywriter. As the owner of Strategy E-ssentials she works with other savvy marketers, digital specialists and business leaders to bring knowledge, know-how and solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Connect with Karin on Google+ or Linkedin.