Online Marketing Strategy in 6 Steps

online marketing strategy session

Two of the most common questions I hear is, “How can I create an online marketing strategy for my business?” or “What marketing tools, services and techniques are best for my business?” As you may have guessed, the answer differs from company to company. It’s common sense that if you’re a solopreneur who offers website […]

My Facebook “Likes” Disappeared

Facebook Likes

Have you seen an unusual number of Facebook likes/followers disappear from your brand page? You may be wondering… – Is there a technical glitch? – Did our company say or do something offensive? – Are people really leaving Facebook at such a rate?   Who Stole My Facebook Likes? None of these are likely (although a […]

Content Creation Simplified with a ‘Stretch Mindset’

In a recent study*, B2B marketers were asked what they found most challenging about content marketing. Three answers rose to the top: Creating enough content Creating engaging content Creating a variety of content It’s no wonder these are the top three. Businesses continue to struggle to engage multiple audiences across an array of on- and […]

How Important is a Website?

Do I need a website

How many times have I heard small business owners say: I don’t need a website I have… Facebook LinkedIn Google search Google+ YellowPages A blog Word of mouth While these are all great tools to have in your marketing tool box, nothing compares to the business work engine — your website. A good social media […]

Finding the Linkedin Group for You

Linkedin Group Stats

You already know that Linkedin Groups are great for you and your business because: 1. They provide an ongoing source of useful information. 2. You can find resources you never knew existed by following the “link trails”. 3. They are a focused networking tool. 4. You have an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with people […]

Linkedin’s 200 Million Members -What it Means

Linkedin 200 million member award

If you have been anywhere near Linkedin lately you have seen the awards. They read:   “Recently, Linkedin reached a new milestone: 200 million members. But this isn’t just our achievement to celebrate — it’s also yours. I want to personally thank you for being part of our community….”   A Million Reactions What is […]

Linkedin Groups – 5 Business Benefits


There are a lot of Linkedin groups.  According to Linkedin there are 1,562,032 groups and counting! But don’t let that scare you away. Just in case you’re already overwhelmed, let me give you 5 reasons how Linkedin groups can benefit you and your business. How Linkedin Groups Benefit You & Your Business: 1. A great source […]

Marketing For Long-Term Sales


Marketing can be hit or miss. It can be fun or it can be just plain hard. With it you can win customers or loose money. One way to make your marketing more effective and more fun is by making it personal. Personalized marketing can come in many different forms. Read below about how a […]

How to Sell Complex Products Online


Five years ago I was excited to be buying the first laptop for my new business. Fast forward to January 2013. It’s time to retire the 5-year-old laptop for a newer, faster, sharper model. Unlike my first shopping experience, I’m not excited. I loath researching laptops. It pains me to learn and relearn  about RAM, […]

The New Currency: it’s all “ADing” up

online privacy

We all learn the saying, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Yet, when it comes to the Internet and social media we don’t want it to be true. Most social sites are “free” right? After all, I don’t whip out my credit card every time I want to use Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram, […]