Connecting Knowledge with Know-How

Online Marketing Knowledge and Know-HowAfter completing your E-ssential Learning webinar, you qualify to join an E-ssential Doing session with a industry specialist. These small group webinar sessions are highly customized to fit the needs of the participants. Content varies by topic, but a typical session includes:

  • Training on how to actually apply your learning to your business.
  • Advice based on your situation from experienced professionals.
  • Worksheets, templates or handouts to help you after the session.
  • Resources you can use for help.
  • Information to save you time and money if/when you outsource.
  • And much more!


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About Karin Khuhro

Karin Khuhro is a Digital Marketing Strategist, Speaker and Copywriter. As the owner of Strategy E-ssentials she works with other savvy marketers, digital specialists and business leaders to bring knowledge, know-how and solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Connect with Karin on Google+ or Linkedin.