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Cool video marketingVideo Marketing as a viable marketing tool for business has been “almost there” for years. It seems every year we read about video taking over the world of Internet marketing as we know it. As part of this three part series devoted to looking at 3 trends over 3 years, I looked at some of the comments, predictions and assumptions made over the past three years about online video. During this research I discovered some cool video marketing trends, tools and ideas that you may have missed.


 Video Marketing

2010 predictions…

While researching 2010 predictions, I came across a really fun source, that posts a yearly prediction list on their blog and then follows it up at the end of the year with a cleverly created video to show how those predictions panned out. You can see it for yourself here. Be sure to go to the bottom to see the recap video.

The predictions made by in 2009 for 2010 include:

YouTube will allow brands to sell directly on YouTube. vidiSEO demonstrated that this prediction was proved correct with their French Connection example. In the fall of 2010 the French Connection made an arrangement with YouTube to start using out-linking annotations in video to lay the foundation for a more effective way to use YouTube for e-commerce.

Subscription Based Video Services will Explode. I have to say vidiSEO overstretched a bit on this one. From their comments in 2009, it looks to me like they were referring to the subscription based business services such as, not entertainment sources such as Netflix and HuluPlus. Yet when they went back and reviewed they felt they “nailed” the prediction because of the explosion of Netflix and Hulu. My thoughts are we are not there yet in terms of video subscription based services for business “exploding”. You be the judge.

Say Goodbye to View Counts. As vidiSEO points out in the 2010 recap, this didn’t happen. I agree the idea of giving an important part of the real estate up for view counts seems silly. We’ve learned the number of  fans or followers you have can have very little meaning, views are a similar deceptive stat. This deserves its own blog post at a later date.

2011 predictions…

In 2010 I didn’t come across a “great” list of predictions for the new year (2011). Instead I saw the same theme repeated in multiple blog sites, articles, videos and comments. Most people quoted facts such as these:

  • Americans watch more videos per month on YouTube than they conduct searches on Google. (Greg Jarboe at SES 2010)
  • A video is 50 times more likely to get a first-page ranking on Google than a text page. (Greg Jarboe at SES 2010)
  • Pew Internet Research conducted a study recently showing that 7 in 10 adult Internet users (69%) have used the Internet to watch or download video (52% of all adults in the United States). (Full article.)

Going back in time, my argument would be this is great news if you have fun and funny video. After all, the Pew Internet Research shows comedy and humorous videos are the number one type of video on the rise. This means campaigns like The Old Spice Guy have a future, but we can only take so many Old Spice copycats!

For your everyday business the question still remains, will video drive more traffic or attract more customers than standard text and graphics online? Are we there yet?

2012 predictions…

This brings us to January 2012. In the past month there have been numerous stories about the future of online video for marketing. In her post for the Social Times, Megan O’Neill, wrote:

“Brands and businesses have learned that consumers expect them to have a presence on Facebook and Twitter and have begun to embrace these networks for everything from customer service to customer acquisition and more.  However, a lot of brands and businesses have yet to embrace YouTube.

In the coming year, I think that YouTube will become the third network in the ultimate social media ‘trifecta’ as brands and businesses realize that video is a much more effective way to interest and engage consumers.”

I think Megan may be right. We may finally be ready for the explosion into business video that we’ve been hearing about for so many years. Okay, maybe not an “explosion,” but hopefully something notable before the end of 2012.

As a final note on video marketing for 2012, I recently met a with a business owner who sent me an email with a video image embedded inside. I was taken back to find the video was the business owner talking to me. He thanked me for our meeting time and discussed next steps. WOW was my response. A pretty novel way to communicate. He tells me it’s easy to create these types of videos (he uses Talk Fusion). If this is the case, I could see this being the next wave for video marketing and communication.

What are your thoughts? What will 2012 bring for marketing online with video?

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