E-ssential Doing: Creating Online Videos for Your Business

Conducted by: Tim Lewis of Master Communications


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Learning in theory is great, but learning by DOING is where business happens!

Using video for your businessIn our E-ssential Doing session, you will work with Tim Lewis via the phone and shared screens, to apply general video ideas and practices to YOUR specific business situation.


What We Cover:

  • Ideation: Drawing from years of experience with business videos, Tim will help you develop solid content ideas that fit with your business.
  • Structure: Once you have a list of ideas, Tim will show you how to structure your online video to save you time.
  • Writing: Learn how to how to write a script and create a storyboard for your video.
  • Producing: After you have a concept and script or storyboard, you need to put it together. Tim will talk you through that process and provide you with best practices that will save you money.


 3 Valuable Bonuses!

  1. Script Template: Used by the pros, this time tested two column script template is essential for organizing your production.
  2. Storyboard Template: This template will allow you to plan out how you will visualize your video and provide you (or your videographer) with a guide for shooting.
  3. Guide to Great Videos: A tried and true formula for attaining and keeping the attention of your audience.



Your Results

  • Look Professional. Using what you have learned in this session, you’ll be able to create better business videos.
  • Save Time.Effectively and efficiently plan your video, so you only shoot and write what’s necessary.
  • Save Money. Applying the best practices and using the templates provided will save you significant money on your next professional video!


We do our very best to accommodate everyone’s schedule for this live, interactive session. For this reason we do not set an exact date and time until we hear from you. At this time we expect our first E-ssential Doing session to take place the last week of March or during the month of April.

Our Guarantee

If you do not feel you have learned something that is applicable to your business, we will happily provide you with a free 15 minute private session to help answer any additional questions or concerns.


Further Details

  • Prior to your session, Tim Lewis will review one of your videos or a script and provide feedback.
  • You will be joined by up to two other non-competing businesses during the session. This helps all participants learn for each other.
  • You are guaranteed time to discuss/review your specific online video questions with Tim Lewis.
  • This is a webinar-based session supported by phone.
  • Karin Khuhro, will be helping to facilitate and organize this session.


Your Package Includes

  • Assistance with the ideation, structure and writing process from an award-winning video producer.
  • Best practices for producing your video.
  • Review or guidance of your video or script.
  • Time to discuss your questions.
  • FREE Script Template.
  • FREE Storyboard Template.
  • FREE Guide to Great Videos.

Valued at over $350!


Your Cost: $149


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Karin Khuhro is a Digital Marketing Strategist, Speaker and Copywriter. As the owner of Strategy E-ssentials she works with other savvy marketers, digital specialists and business leaders to bring knowledge, know-how and solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Connect with Karin on Google+ or Linkedin.