E-ssential Doing: Online Content That Delivers Results


 Watch the recording of our E-ssential Learning session below, then sign up for the follow up E-ssential Doing. Read full details under the recording. If you have any technical difficulties try viewing the recording here.

After watching, sign up for an E-ssential DOING session with Bev Bachel to help apply what you’ve learned directly to your content. In the E-ssential Doing for Online Content That Delivers we will be…

Using YOUR Content to:

  • Write for results: Engage the right and left brain to tell and sell your message.
  • Find the right words: Learn how to use the “empathy calculator” for your super-hero words.
  • Beef up benefits: Turn your features into benefits to reach your customer.
  • Increase your KISSability: Discover how to make your content 124% more usable (Jakob Nielsen)!
  • Develop fresh content: Entice your visitors and convert prospects to buyers.


 Get 3 Valuable Bonuses!

  1. FREE 20 Minute Writers Block Consultation: Stuck on what to write or how to write it? 20 minute phone consultation to help get you moving again.
  2. FREE Online Content Checklist: Fresh ideas for attention grabbing content for: websites, videos, audio presentations, emails and more!
  3. FREE Attention-Grabbing Words: The “winning” words to get you noticed!



We do our very best to accommodate everyone’s schedule for this live, interactive session. We will work with your schedule for the best time and date for your E-ssential Doing session. Seats are limited. Sign up today by clicking on uy now below. We will contact you to find out your availability.

Our Guarantee

If you do not feel you have learned something that is applicable to your business, we will happily provide you with a free 15 minute private session to help answer any additional questions or concerns.


Further Details

  • Participants are required to submit web content in Word document to Bev 48 hours ahead of the scheduled workshop.
  • You will be joined by up to two other non‐competing businesses during the session. This helps all participants learn for each other.
  • You are guaranteed the opportunity to discuss/review your specific content questions with Bev during the workshop.
  • Webinar duration: 90 minutes. We do our very best to accommodate everyone’s schedule for this live, hands‐on workshop, so we will be contacting you about the date and time.

Valued at over $350!

 Your Cost = $149

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Karin Khuhro is a Digital Marketing Strategist, Speaker and Copywriter. As the owner of Strategy E-ssentials she works with other savvy marketers, digital specialists and business leaders to bring knowledge, know-how and solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Connect with Karin on Google+ or Linkedin.