5 Steps to Building an Effective Email Strategy

By Travis Meester

Email Strategy TipsAn effective email strategy will help your business focus on nurturing leads and selling your products or services. The following are five steps you can take to help build your effective email strategy.

1. Know your goals

  • Know why you are sending email in the first place. Are you building your brand, selling a product or service, building relationships?
  • Don’t try to make email do all the work. Attempting to fit selling, serving and brand building messages into one email will cause information overload and confusion.

2. Define your target audience

  • Know who you are “talking” to. Are they mostly male or female? What age range, income and business background do they have? What are their likes and dislikes?
  • Once you know details about your target audience, you can provide better tips and advice that will hold their interest and encourage them to refer others.

3. Create appealing content

  • If your content isn’t relevant and interesting, your audience will ignore your message.
  • Adding personality to your content can give your work a feeling of authenticity.
  • Know what is of value to your audience and be sure to offer this value in your email.
  • Make your call to action irresistible. Who can resist the challenge of a question? Asking a question is a great way to engage with your audience.

4. Create urgency

  • Simple but effective phrases like, “hurry,” “limited,” “last chance” and ”act today” will activate people into action.
  • Warning, don’t abuse urgency messages or you risk losing your audience.

5. Measure, test, review and repeat

  • Measure your key metrics after every send – open rate, click through, etc..
  • Test different content using A/B testing strategies.
  • Review what works and what’s not working on a regular basis and make changes as necessary.
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things!


About the Author

Travis Meester is a ’12 graduate from Rasmussen College with a B.A. in Business Management and a concentration in Internet Marketing, interning at Strategy E-ssentials. He is pursuing a career in Social Media or Internet Marketing after he graduates. Find Travis on LinkedIn.


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