Google+ – How It Is Important To Your Business

By: Travis Meester

As an intern for Strategy E-ssentials, I’ve been searching for new ways to help small businesses build a better brand using social media. I’ve taken an interest in Google+ due to the great amount of debate over its usefulness. I spoke with a variety of business professionals and an industry expert, and from these interviews and my own research, I want to share with you three important features that are unique to Google+ that can benefit a business.

1. Hangouts- This feature is not found on any other major social platform. Hangouts allow for video conferencing and provide the face-to-face interaction that is often lost with technology. Ryan DeBoer, a senior web designer for a small business, says he uses Google+ Hangouts at work for video conferencing, which allows him to easily connect with other employees at different locations. You can have up to 10 people “meet” simultaneously for FREE on Google+ Hangouts. Hangouts are great to keep in touch with clients, co-workers, and anyone else wherever they are. Video conferencing reduces the need to travel, saving your business money.

2. Circles- Google+ allows audience segmentation through Circles. Using segmentation, you can target your message to the appropriate audience. For example, you can send specific messages to family, friends, co-workers, clients, peers, etc. Cari Wahlgren, a systems engineer at Avaya, finds Google+ Circles to be a powerful feature that allows her to separate her work environment from her personal life.

3. Integrated Services from Google- Google allows its wide variety of services to be all under one roof creating a one-stop-shop. This is a feature that no other social media site offers. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of media services for a small business. Google+ infuses existing Google services such as Gmail, Google Buzz, Google Maps, and Google profiles, into one seamless system.


The debate over Google+ will continue to rage, but the features that are available today including Hangouts, Circles, and Integrated Services make Google+ a more feature-rich and versatile choice than other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube. Google+’s features not only provide convenience, but offer more opportunities for the savvy business to save time and money.



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