How Your Customers Judge You

Better Customer ExperienceYears ago when I developed websites, I had a manufacturing client. They told me that it didn’t really matter how good their site looked because just being online made them better than their competition. They went on to tell me most of their competition had not launched a website yet, so that made them “better” than the competition. But do customers really judge us based on what we see as our “competition”?

There are plenty of stories of great customer experiences and just as many or more tales of terrible customer experiences. We can learn what to avoid from the terrible experiences, but we can learn even more from the great experiences. It is the great experiences that our customers are judging us by everyday.

Think about it, Amazon sets the standard for what it means to sell online. I don’t know of another company that holds a candle to Zappos shipping and customer service policies. Until this month, I would have said Netflix was up there as the best in online experiences when it comes to choosing a movie and shipping a DVD at lightning speed. (I say up until this month because I am leery on how their recent pricing changes will affect the quality of their service and how new competition, such as Amazon’s streaming video service, will affect the king of online video.)

Your customers judge you not on how you compare to other companies in your industry, but how you compare to other websites, stores, or experiences in ANY industry. Is your site as easy to use as Zappos? Can I purchase as fast as I can on Amazon? Can you ship it like Netflix? I don’t care if you sell ski jackets or plumbing supplies, I still want the same customer experience.

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