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Infographics are a growing trend used to visually communicate complex data in a world hungry for instant data, stories and information. is an online tool that allows you to automatically generate infographics based on data from your Twitter and Facebook accounts, but this may only be the beginning.


By combining the power of journalism, graphics and analysis, tools like are slowly changing how we view our world. How many times have you viewed an infographic to quickly understand a concept, idea or process? Of course, as with anything that uses data, the key is clean and useful data. I’ve seen plenty of useless infographics that threaten to undermine the integrity of this powerful communication method. However, assuming we can use infographics to communicate meaningful data and stories, there appears to be a very bright future for infographics.


If you’re still skeptical, check out’s forward-thinking video which gives us a¬†glimpse¬†into a world full of infographics. Imagine your e-book reader pulling up infographics at your touch while reading. Your smart phone giving you statistics in an infograph as you take a photo, much like a QR code works today. And your tablet showing you infographs for the food in front of you at a restaurant. Science fiction, or a few years out? You decide.


For fun, I created my own infographic using the tool. The infograph below depicts the difference between two popular content marketing Twitter accounts – @socialmedia2day and @socialtimes. What do you think? Are you ready to see your world as an infograph?



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