Is a Mobile App Right for your Company’s Roadmap?

Mobile apps are most likely coming up in more conversations around the office.  Are you behind? What could your new app possibly do for your target audience?

Before we dive in, I want to make clear that a mobile application isn’t right for every brand. It might not make sense for your company, or you may not have the right audience that would use such an application. Below are some questions to ask yourself to find whether a mobile app is right for you, and how to get started if it is.

Questions to help decide if a mobile app is right for you and how to narrow down WHAT it should do:

1)      Don’t think about what you want to get out of this experience. Think about what your consumers can get out of this experience. Can you create an application that serves a specific task that can help make your consumers life easier. Can it help your consumer stay organized, informed or serve as a reminder for an important task?

2)     Is the action a consumer will take with your app something that is a repeatable experience? What I mean by this, is does your app give a reason for your consumer to want to revisit it often? If there is nothing that brings a person back to check “status’s” or to update continuously changing information (think banking, food or health stats), then an app is not the answer for you. You may want to look at just creating a simple mobile webpage if this is a “set it and forget it” action. Apps take up space and a person has to go through the trouble of downloading the app and storing it on their small screen. If they don’t see a big enough reason to store it there, they’ll either not go through the trouble of downloading it, or end up deleting it a few months afterwards deciding they’d rather use that space for something else.

3)     Does your competitor have one? If yes, have everyone in the office download it and test run it. Let their spend and efforts put you ahead. Hello free knowledge on someone else’s dime! Find out what’s being said about the app in reviews. See if it’s a good experience to use. What can you do better to build off of what they’re doing? If you discover NO ONE is talking about it, or no one is downloading it, then think about why that is. If your competitor doesn’t have one, that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t be the pioneer to make one. Just be sure your target audience includes users of smart phones and tablets you’re attempting to target. You can easily find this out by seeing what devices current visitors of your website are using.

Ok, so you’ve read through the first 3 questions and feel this is the right path for you. What’s next? How do you decide how much functionality it needs to have?

It’s time to create an ADS! ADS (Application Definition Statement) is to keep your purpose clear and is three simple steps:
a. List what your app will do
b. List your target audience
c. Always filter what it will do (a) with what you’re main audience’s (b) needs are to keep it specific and relevant.

Good luck!

This post was written by Abbey Tosic. Be sure to visit Abbey’s blog DotCom Girls for more insights and interviews.

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