Is the Social Media World as We Know it Crumbling?

Is the current social media world crumblingDo you ever get a feeling that you know something is happening, but you just can’t put your figure on exactly what “it” is. For a while I’ve been feeling that the tall tower of social media we’ve built over the last several years is beginning to show signs of serious wear. Despite the fact that I read about Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin daily, I’ve had the sense that we’re in the middle of a change.

This week the CEO of Our Social Times, Mr. Luke Brynley-Jones, described part of this feeling in his blog post, “How Facebook and Twitter Are Failing Early Adopters.” Sighting a survey from Gartner, Brynly-Jones feels early adopters are “showing signs of fatigue.” The buzz factor has switched from Facebook and Twitter to fresher tools like Google+ or the new Twitter clone, Heello.

I think the point of all this is that competitors are finally moving in and there is plenty of room for improvement. Early adopters and disenchanted users are happily blazing a trail to new social media tools. Two years ago no one could scream loud enough to be heard over the Facebook roar. Today the door is open and you can hear the competitors coming. It’s an exciting time, and for those of us in the industry, a time to be watchful for what’s on the horizon.

What we know as “The Social Media World” today (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) will be replaced. It’s only a matter of time. We don’t know what will replace these tools or how they will be similar or different. This is interesting and even important, but not essential. What is essential is what the authors of Groundswell,  Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, had to say years ago and again in their recently expanded edition: focus on the SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS NOT THE TECHNOLOGY. If we put the people ahead of the technology, it won’t matter whether we’re working with tool X or tool Y, it’s just a tool. If you know how to interact and work with Jane and Matt Doe, you know how to find and keep more customers.

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