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Strategy E-ssentials WebsiteIf you have a blog or you’ve seriously considered starting one, you’ve probably heard the familiar refrain, “WordPress is the best!” Fans have believed this to be true about blogs for years. When I started working with blogs, the first thing my programmer friends said to me was, “You’re using WordPress, right?” At the time WordPress seemed a little daunting. Sure you could pick up a free blog template and start writing, but what if you didn’t like the templates offered (which I did not). Spending several thousands of dollars for a beautiful custom designed blog didn’t sound like the best business decision. No, I wasn’t ready to jump in just yet.


So I started with Blogger, then Posterous and finally ended up on WordPress. I struggled with a free blog template that was “okay” for my needs. I liked the functionality and ability to add Plug-ins. Think of a Plug-in as an “app” for the behind the scenes WordPress tool that you use to update your blog. About a year after starting the WordPress blog, my site was due for a major overhaul. When friends started suggesting WordPress as the platform for my whole web site and not just my blog, I decided to look into the possibilities. At first my plan was to keep it simple and use the “okay” WordPress template I had been using for my blog. I would just ask a programmer to make some adjustments to it so it could become a “web site” rather than just a blog. BUT, not being a WordPress programmer myself, I wasn’t sure  if my idea would work.


I started my journey by searching for WordPress experts and asking lots of questions. I was disappointed that I couldn’t get any straight answers! What I wanted to know is if I could use the WordPress template I had for my blog, and make my adjustments so it would become a full web site. Around in circles I went with programmers, designers, “WordPress specialists.” Finally, during a moment of pure frustration, I mentioned my issue to Alex Meystelman of Red Elixir Business Solutions.  He looked at my current blog template and requirements and informed me that it would be better to create a whole new site from scratch than to try to fit the requirements around the existing template. Just the answer I needed to move forward! (Thank you Alex!)


After making the decision to do a full redesign, not just an “adjustment” to the blog template, I went back to my search for the right resources. Miraculously, I found Anne from! Anne had been looking at my original request, and unlike so many others before her, responded to my request by taking a look outside the box. She too suggested that I redesign the site rather than fitting a square peg in a round hole, only she had another idea on how to do it. She recommended I take a look at the Genesis Framework  by StudioPress. One look at how Genesis broke free from the design confines commonly found in WordPress templates and I was hooked!


Strategy E-ssentials Web Site AfterWorking with Anne was a wonderful experience. I have been working with programmers/developers for nearly two decades and Anne goes in my golden book of greats. What makes Anne of a joy to work with?

  • Speaks in terms any business owner can understand.
  • Versatile – she did the programming for me, but she does design too!
  • Always professional.
  • Speedy!
  • Very affordable for a small business.
  • Great attitude – which is really helpful on those stressful days!

You can check out the results for yourself at


Through this experience I have a whole new perspective on WordPress and what it means to have a WordPress web site. If your site is ready for a redesign, I would encourage you to think about using WordPress in combination with Genesis as a solution. I’m happy to take your questions or comments on this subject. Simply comment on the post, or contact me direct through the web site at:



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