Key Strategies to Better Web Site Redesign

redesigning your web siteWhether you’re designing your first web site or your 10th, it’s never an easy undertaking. But take heart, there are proven strategies that professional agencies use that can help you move more efficiently through the processes and come out on the other side with a more effective web site. The key is a little homework and some upfront planning. Creative Director, Alan Wallner, has three recommendations to get your redesign project off to a solid start.


Web Site Redesign Recommendations

1. Establish your BRAND: If you don’t already have a strong brand, there’s no time like the present to work on it. A brand is much more than a logo, it’s the personality of your business. At the heart, your brand shows the world your core values. Your brand demonstrates what your do, how your do it and who you do it for. When creating your web site, think about all touch points that your audience (customers, employees, stockholders, press, etc.) experience. Is every experience consistent, clear, and in sync with your company’s “personality”?


2.  Identify your TARGET AUDIENCE: This one may appear easy, but if done properly, identifying your target audience can be tricky. Most companies try to reach everyone or cast too wide a net without even realizing what they are doing. The results are poor conversion, customer confusion and low return on investment (ROI).

Identifying who is and is not your target market can take courage. You need to be okay with not focusing on everyone. For example, if you sell skin care products, you might assume anyone with skin is part of your target audience. This of course would be too general. To hone in on your target audience you need to know more about your product and your customer. Where will it be sold, how much will it be sold for, is there a specific skin type that benefits from your product? As you answer these questions, your target audience starts to come into focus.


3. Determine your OBJECTIVES: What do you want your site to do? If you say everything, it does nothing. One to three high level objectives, in priority order, are perfect. More than three and you are trying to do too much. Once you’ve established your objectives, set up call to action statements around these objectives. For example, if your objective is to get people to call you, be sure you have your phone number prominently displayed on every page of your web site.


Only after you have honestly and clearly answered theses three questions should you move on to step two of the redesign process.

  • What is our Brand ?
  • Who is our Target Audience?
  • What are my 1 to 3 Objectives?

In step two, you’ll start to mentally build your site and create essential documents needed to support your plan and execute your vision. We’ll go into more depth on step two in future posts, so be sure to sign up for our e-news to receive updates.

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