Linkedin Groups – 5 Business Benefits

Linkedin-groups-iconThere are a lot of Linkedin groups.  According to Linkedin there are 1,562,032 groups and counting! But don’t let that scare you away. Just in case you’re already overwhelmed, let me give you 5 reasons how Linkedin groups can benefit you and your business.

How Linkedin Groups Benefit You & Your Business:

1. A great source of information. A good group will have members who share solid information about subjects that matter to you and your business. Not just surface ideas or ads disguised as information, but real down-to-earth information that you can use.  


2. A useful resource. Not to be confused with information, the resource part of Linkedin groups comes into play when you dive deeper into the information presented. I’ve found new online tools, businesses that I wasn’t aware of and made valuable connections when I followed “link trails” found within the  information provided by members.
*Link trails are the links found inside posts that lead you to other resources.


3. A focused networking tool. You can’t read anything on Linkedin groups without learning what a valuable networking tool it can be. You virtually meet people in every group you join. The best way to get to know them better is to join the conversation. The best part is that a good group will have members with similar interests or goals to yours, making the conversation easier and more purposeful.


4. A way for you to share your knowledge and information. Knowledge and information is  not a one-way street in groups. You have the opportunity to share what you know either through your comments, posting thought-provoking articles or adding links to your own useful blog posts.


5. A place to find your next project or job. Nearly every group has a job section. In some groups this section can be a gold mine for not just for job seekers, but freelancers and small businesses. Because jobs can be posted by members for free, you may need to sift through the undesirable before finding your gold.


Now that you know the benefits of Linkedin Groups, I’m guessing you’re eager to find the right group for you. Watch for upcoming posts on how to sort through the over 1.5 million groups and find the best groups for you and your business on Linkedin.


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