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Personalized-marketing-hand-printMarketing can be hit or miss. It can be fun or it can be just plain hard. With it you can win customers or loose money. One way to make your marketing more effective and more fun is by making it personal. Personalized marketing can come in many different forms. Read below about how a local toy store is personalizing an event to generate long-term sales.

How a Toy Store Is Turning an Event into a Long-term Sales Generator

Recently I received an email from a kids’ toy store that sells unique toys. The email announced an upcoming event being held at the toy store. The owners were inviting parents to bring their child(ren) into the store for a painting party. Not just any painting party, but a time to paint a ceiling tile with their child’s hand print on it. The tile would then be used on the ceiling of the store.

As I finished reading the email, I thought of how clever this small business owner was. She had taken something simple, a painting party, and made it into a long-term marketing and sales opportunity. Here’s how:


Value for the customer

Who wouldn’t want to get their kids out of the house on a cold January afternoon to paint? Kids love it. Parents love activities that prevent cabin-fever.


Benefits for the customer and business

Of course once parents are in the store there is plenty for both kids and parents to discover. Exciting forward-thinking toys that can’t be found just anywhere. Samples of toys throughout the store to try out. It all adds up to a recipe for lots of shopping.


The long-term benefits

Then there is the best part of this simple idea, the personal touch and ownership attached to having the children add their hand print and signature to the tile. As a permanent fixture in the store, the ceiling tiles will be an added incentive for families to visit the store for years to come. One, two, five years down the road they will be coming in and pointing out little Emily’s hand print at age four. It may even be enough to entice a few grandparents or friends to come in to see the artwork. And when a grandparent enters a toy store, well if you have kids and they have grandparents, you know what happens!


Personalizing your marketing

Have you personalized your marketing? Do you have ideas after reading this post on how you can apply personalized marketing to your business? Share your ideas or success stories by commenting  on this post or emailing us. Need help coming up with your own personalized marketing plan? Contact us, we’re here to help.


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