MIMA Summit 2011

If you’re an online marketer in Minnesota you have probably have heard of, or are a member of, MIMA (Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association). Last week MIMA held their annual summit.


Avinash KaushikThe morning started with a wake up call from Avinash Kaushik. It must have been his insanely  uncommon common sense that hit my funny bone because he woke me up with laughter. From the twisted road online marketers end up finding themselves down when they add a “simple” form, to the explanation of  the worst tracking methods – HITS (How Idiots Track Success), Kaushik had me smiling, secretly cheering and laughing out loud. Kaushik certainly knows how to turn the mirror around to show the ugly side, but he also demonstrated what he felt were exceptional examples of what’s right on the web, namely the Ameriprise website which he applauded for discovering your location so it can serve up appropriate content.


Sarah CancillaLater in the day I listened to Sarah Cancilla, content strategist at Facebook. She told us how she is making headway at a company that is not known for pausing to think too long about strategy. I loved the way Cancilla explained her first few weeks with Facebook.

She was flattered by a meeting request from a Facebook engineer who wanted to learn more about her thoughts and methodology on content strategy. As she sat with the engineer and explained various items on the site and what could be done to improve them, she suddenly realized the engineer wasn’t taking notes, but was writing code to put on the live Facebook site right then and there! She soon realized this was what they meant when they said they moved fast, took risks and had a “hacker” culture.


Overall the 2011 MIMA Summit was a mixed bag of information, personalities and activities. If you’re looking for more on MIMA, you can find their site at mima.org.

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