Online research no longer needs to happen online

Abbey Tosic here, guest blogger for the all-talented folks behind Strategy E-ssentials. I’ve learned a lot from this team! You can find out more about my journey in the online media field at my blog, Dotcom Girls.

Last week a few colleagues and I were walking through Target, when we found a large touch screen console in the electronics department. The curious creatures that we are, we decided to check it out.

Imagine your iphone screen as tall as your kids that allows you to compare electronics right in the store. Genius! No longer do you have to feel like you have to pull up prices or more detail information on your small phone in store, or go home to do your research. Target is cleverly taking out a stall in the purchasing process.

This particular model was comparing the Wii, Xbox, and PlayStation. I immediately thought of my fiance who has been debating which video game console he should buy for weeks before finally making his decision.

In a matter of seconds you can cruise through product details, customer reviews, what games you can play with each system, and email or text yourself all or any of the details. 



Great concept for higher priced items that involve more buyer consideration. Looking forward to what they think of next to make the purchasing process a little less stressful!


Abbey Tosic
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