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Pinterest for service businessAs a digital strategist I approach new technology, platforms and tools with a critical eye. My first thought is, how will this tool or technology improve my business or my client’s business, and is it worth my time, money and/or support. When Pinterest came on the scene and the media and social marketers went wild about this  “fun” new tool, I was skeptical. In the early days of Pinterest, celebrity fashion, homemade food and DIY crafts were hot. At that time I saw little need to distract clients with a tool that was more like Home and Garden or People magazine, than a serious source of revenue.


Skip ahead a year and a half. I’ve rediscovered Pinterest and have encouraging words for nearly all product businesses and a selection of service-based businesses. Pinterest has the potential to increase your leads and sales. Here’s why:


Pinterest is exceptional at holding the ideas, dreams and plans that float by you throughout your day or when researching a specific project or hobby. In this post I’m going to use the example of a bathroom remodel to illustrate how a service-based business can capitalize on Pinterest.


In the past you might have started a bathroom remodel project by tearing out pages from magazines, hunting down decorating books, going to websites and looking at a number of sources for inspiration. A highly time consuming and disjointed process. Now imagine a site where there are thousands (someday millions) of photos of bathroom remodel ideas that are searchable. This is no longer a dream it’s a reality called Pinterest.

Once you find the ideas that inspire you, you can “pin” them on a page (board) of your own under a category of your choice, in this case “Bathroom Project”. Now you have dozens of ideas that you can look at, share, print and refer back to for inspiration. And best of all, you’re not limited to images posted on Pinterest. You can take any image you find and easily post it to your “board” in one click.


A scrapbook of ideas that is neatly and conveniently stored online is great, but how can businesses profit? For each of these “scrapbook” pictures, or “pins” as they are called, the image links to more information such as a blog post, product page or article.


Take the example of the bathroom remodel, let’s say you are a remodeling company and you start a series of Pinterest boards with great photos of your past projects. I’m a Pinterest user and I find a picture of one of your projects and love it. I pin it and click on it to learn more. I learn more about the remodel project, your company and how to contact you. Instant hot lead.


Now you may ask, “What if my company doesn’t serve the consumer’s area?” A valid question, but not reason enough for the marketing savvy business to stop using Pinterest and here’s why:

  1. It’s fast and easy to set up your Pinterest board(s).
  2. It’s free
  3. Unlike most social platforms, doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.
  4. With the popularity of Pinterest on the rise, there is no telling when a feature such as “sort by location” might roll out. It’s better be ahead of the competition and have your photos firmly established on thousands of potential customer boards than wait to see what happens.
  5. It’s social. that means people share your photos and ideas. Assuming you have beautiful images to share, there is a good chance a potential customer will find you.


No, not every business is well-suited for Pinterest. But don’t assume because you don’t sell a physical product that you can’t use Pinterest for profit. It was once thought that only product businesses could profit from Pinterest. I think we are beginning to see that this idea isn’t true. Service businesses such as home remodeling, landscape design, painting and home organizing all have lots of potential on Pinterest. The rule of thumb is, if you have ANY visual component to your business, Pinterest is a tool you should evaluate.

Pinterest is fast, easy and assuming you don’t get pulled into “pinning” low maintenance and could lead you to your next big client!




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  1. I use pinterest for my Personal Training business to help build and personalize my brand. Although I haven’t gotten any direct referrals from that work, I have successfully directed traffic to my website and helped build interest in my business!

    • Karin Khuhro says:

      Thanks for adding your personal experience Amber. I took a look at your boards. Great health info. You’re clearly positioning yourself as an expert in the health category. Way to go!