Sell More Using Customer Reviews (Part 1)

When done correctly, product and service reviews can be one of the most powerful selling tools on your website. Best of all, you don’t need to be an e-commerce website (sell online) to benefit from reviews. Reviews benefit both the customer and the company. In this post, I will focus on how your customer benefits from online product reviews. In a future post I will explain how your company benefits from reviews. The benefits from online reviews can have a positive affect on your bottom line with minimum spend and effort.
How do Online Reviews Benefit Your Customers?

1. Reviews Inform Potential Customers
– Reviews provide stories from other customers that set customer expectations on product usage and performance.
– Information provided in reviews can provide critical details that may have been overlooked in the marketing or product  description.
2. Reviews Activate Customers
– Seeing a number of reviews on a product or service increases a potential customer’s confidence in buying your product or service. This confidence can activate them to buy now rather than waiting.
– You should allow the “real” story to come through in reviews. This means you will likely not see all 5-star reviews. People generally don’t expect perfect, but they do want honesty. When people feel your reviews paint the real picture they will be more confident to buy your product or service.

3. Reviews Affirm Past Buying Decisions
– Everyone likes to feel like they bought the “right” product or service. If a dozen reviews tell the world that product X is great, you can be assured the customer who purchased product X six months ago and reads these reviews will feel pretty good about their purchase decision. This same customer is likely to repurchase product X, or even purchase more products from your company because their buying decision has been affirmed.

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