Simple Tips to Get Started on Twitter

By: Angie Glotzbach@AngCo_VA, Certified Social Media Specialist

Twitter can be confusing and intimidating for new users and they often say, “I don’t know where to start” and then ask “how do you use Twitter to increase business?” Here are some tips to get you started on using Twitter for business fast.


Identify Your Target

Know who you want to talk to by identifying your ideal clients and referral partners.  Even if your prospects are not on Twitter, there are others who can introduce you to them, such as vendors and suppliers.  Twitter allows you to find and connect with these users, so start chatting with them.


Use Lists

Use lists to sort the people you follow on Twitter and track their conversations.  For instance, create a list for your customers, one for your prospects, another for vendors, and one that includes influential people in your industry.  Remember to check these lists out daily and have a conversation with these people.

Twitter Lists



Don’t Sell Too Early

Twitter is a great business starter, however, a lot of overly anxious users sell to soon — before the relationship is developed.  Nothing new here, but just like any other medium, it takes multiple touches or conversations before a sale happens.  The beauty of Twitter is gaining access prospects and networking with them.  Become the “go to” expert by providing valuable information.  Build trust by knowing their interests.  Know what they’re talking about and pay attention to what they share, the language they use and their problems.  How can you help solve their issues?


Remember, it takes time to make connections and it takes multiple conversations before trust is built, so relax, have fun and be patient.

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