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Is it just me or are there more companies trying out what I would call “phone spam” this season? This in addition to the hundreds of untargeted emails and slew of direct mail pieces filling up my mailbox daily, are making companies look pretty desperate.

Just yesterday, I received a recorded promotional message from Slumberland on my work mobile phone while I was waiting for an important call. Needless to say, I was not amused, nor was I interested. I couldn’t remember ever shopping at Slumberland, so I decided to take the time to call the store they referred to in the message and find out how they got my number. Apparently someone from my household purchased from Slumberland back in 2005. That was 6 years ago (almost 7)!  That one measly purchase gives them the right to call me on my work cell phone. I asked to get my name and number pulled from the database. The manager told me politely that he would, “let the corporate office know of my request.”

My advice? Don’t waste time, money and effort on ridiculous marketing that doesn’t yield results and angers your customers. Target your marketing where your customers are LOOKING for your products and services. When I was waiting for my call, I was not looking for a mattress, bedroom furniture, or anything Slumberland could possibly offer me. However, if I search online for “mattress” or “bedroom furniture,” I AM looking for your products and DO want to see your “fabulous” offer. So why is it then that in a Google search for these terms not a single link appears for Slumberland on the first page? If I were Slumberland, I would invest in search engine marketing before spending time and money on random phone calls to dead leads.

Market smart! Invest your marketing dollars where people who want to learn about and buy your products can find you. Don’t spend money on tactics that simply make no sense. You’ll not only get better results, but keep happy customers.

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