Social Media Marketing 3 Years of Predictions

So far in our three-part series on 3 predictions over 3 years we’ve looked at Mobile Marketing and Video Marketing, but what about Social Marketing. Is this “hot trend” cooling down? Is reality sinking in? Have we tired of starting every article with how fast Facebook has grown or how many people tweet each day? Are we ready to move to a new chapter of Social Media Marketing? Is it possible to see a bigger trend by examining the comments, ideas and predictions from industry specialists over the past three years? Let’s take a look…


Social Media Marketing

The Predictions

In 2009 Ravit Lichtenberg, wrote on, “2010 will be about integration and a single, cohesive experience across platforms as well as across products and devices — Web, mobile, TV, and video — will become near-inseparable experiences.” Well we didn’t quite get there in 2010, but if you look at the headlines in January 2012, “2012 the year of the Must-Tweet TV” and “Social Media Has Gone Mainstream, Experts Say,” you’ll realize that it hasn’t taken us too long to get there. Lucas Shaw, writing for The Wrap, cites three examples to prove his point that social has indeed gone mainstream in 2012:

  • Monday, Fox News used Twitter to measure viewer reaction to its GOP debate and encourage online interaction based on the candidates’ answers.
  • NBC partnered with Facebook for its “Meet the Press” debate Jan. 8 [2012].
  • VH1 offered a four-hour live stream of analysis during its Critics’ Choice Movie Awards broadcast last week.

Another 2009 blog post that caught my attention was David Armano’s post, 6 Social Media Trends for 2010. He declared in 2010, “social media [will] begin[s] to look less social.” He went on to say, “…it’s likely that user behavior such as ‘hiding’ the hyperactive updaters that appear in your Facebook news feed may become more common. Perhaps it’s not actually less social, but it might seem that way as we all come to terms with getting value out of our networks — while filtering out the clutter.” His prediction came true, just like filtering emails or screening phone calls, social media users today find themselves filtering out the noise just to keep their sanity. I see this trend continuing as we all look to find meaning and value in our social networks.

Moving from 2010 into 2011 you can see the predictions and ideas start to sound like the same record. This record repeats the same verse…measurement, metrics, accountability, measurement, metrics, accountability. We hear this in Don Bartholomew’s 2011 blog post, Social Media Measurement 2011: Five Things to Forget and Five Things to Learn. Bartholomew writes, “So, perhaps 2011 will be the year that social media measurement matures and comes of age.”

There is no doubt we want to be able to measure every action a user takes during their social experience with our brand. By the same token, there is no doubt that we need to measure, but will it happen this year? According to Mike Lewis in his article 2012 Key Social Technology Predictions from Top Business and Marketing Strategists, “2012 will see marketing empowered by sophisticated analytics – with companies, their marketing analytics teams and their social technology vendors coming together to turn the deluge of social data into actionable, measurable insights.”

Will everyone actually “come together to turn the deluge of social data into actionable, measurable insights” in 2012? Hopefully. Will it happen on a wide scale? My prediction? Not likely. Many business are still grappling with the metrics they already have available to them for their website, email or online marketing campaigns. If they are not regularly turning the deluge of data into actionable, measurable insights on today’s metrics, what is the likelihood they will be up to the task to tackle more metrics even if/when they can produce them?

In summary, our conversations on social media marketing over the past three years have all had many similar themes – social TV, total media integration, locking down our social space for sanity, social media measurement. We may see similar predictions for 2013, but just by making the predictions, throwing the thoughts out there and starting the conversation, we are getting that much closer to what we envision the future to be.

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