T-commerce Coming to Your TV this Fall

T-commerceT-commerce or e-commerce for television, has been “in the works” for well over a decade. Whether engineers and programmers have actually been working on the technology, or the e-commerce industry has just been buzzing behind the scenes about the opportunities, everyone gets excited when it comes to selling product straight off the TV. This week, Blooomberg Business Week reports:

“Starting as early as this fall, viewers with PayPal accounts will be able to click on TV commercials to buy advertised goods, make donations to political campaigns and nonprofits, and ask advertisers to text information to their phones…Consumers also will be able to electronically collect coupons…”


The idea sounds great. You see something on TV and instant gratification via your TV remote. The catch is the additional charges that are being discussed. PayPal already charges merchants a fee for using their service for e-commerce and it’s expected that they will charge a fee for t-commerce. But exactly who will be charged, how much and how will the consumer be affected remains to be seen. The Bloomberg article states:

“PayPal, which has almost 110 million active registered accounts, will make money by charging transaction fees, Dunlap said. Its partners, including Comcast and TiVo, may be able to charge higher rates for ads linked to the purchasing technology or add transaction fees, he said.”


If fees get too high or annoy the customer, t-commerce is not likely to be “the next big one” as PayPal Vice President Scott Dunlap predicts. My guess is most people will view t-commerce similar to e-commerce and expect the prices to be the same as online or the physical store. If PayPal or the cable companies start tacking on “transaction fees” I fear t-commerce will have a short life.


What are your thoughts. Would you buy from your TV? Are you willing to pay more for the convenience of purchasing directing off the TV?


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