How Promotions Can Help or Hurt You & What You Can Do About It


Promotions can hook a prospect and be a powerful sales driver. The right promotion can increase sales and energize your customers. The wrong promotion can drain your resources and even cause you to loose long-time customers. How does this happen and what can you do about it?   Before we begin, take this short quiz and answer […]

How Your Customers Judge You

Better Customer Experience

Years ago when I developed websites, I had a manufacturing client. They told me that it didn’t really matter how good their site looked because just being online made them better than their competition. They went on to tell me most of their competition had not launched a website yet, so that made them “better” […]

Do You Ass-u-me Too Much?

Better Customer Experiences by Not Assuming

Recently I had a very poor customer service experience at a favorite local restaurant. In a nutshell… We received a special offer in the mail for a restaurant where we are frequent diners. Upon arrival the four of us were seated by a new waitress. We presented her with the offer. Her mood seemed to […]

How Inconsistency Kills the Sale

Recently I needed to buy a rain jacket for my daughter. I’ve had good success with the quality of L.L. Bean, so my first instinct was to head to My search started with Kids’>Girls’>Outerwear>Jackets. This revealed 13 choices of which seven appeared to be a rain jacket of some type. After a painful review […]

Are We Forcing Customers to NOT BE LOYAL?

Whenever the words CUSTOMER LOYALTY are uttered, one tends to hear some consistent themes. ·Customers are not loyal due to poor customer service/experience. ·Price drives customers from one brand, store or product to the next. ·The lack of a relationship with the customer leads to a lack of loyalty. All this is true, but there […]

6 Tips to a GREAT Customer Experience Online

If you read my last two blog posts, one on a positive customer experience with Whole Foods and one on a negative experience with FedEx office, you may be wondering how these experiences translate to the online world. Below are 6 ways you can give your online customers a great experience. One blog post cannot […]