Karin KhuhroThe Strategy E-ssentials Team

  • “We worked with Karin [and her team] to improve our Search Engine Optimization. Karin [and her team] developed and implemented a plan for us that has improved our search results and helped our business pursue new opportunities. We are thankful for the service Karin provided our firm.” Jason R.


  • “Karin Khuhro [and her team] has done a masterful job of updating my website, www.drbetherickson.com. Her design concepts and her marketing skills have made it one of which I am extremely proud. Its look truly reflects me, my skills, my style. It is a highly individualized product she has created, and I am thrilled with it. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly.” Dr. Beth


  • “Karin [and her team] did an excellent job of designing and turning up my new web site” Harry H.


Karin Khuhro

  • “I had the privilege of working with Karin while at 3M helping a wide range of its brands with social media strategy and analytics. She is one of the few genuine experts in the area social media monitoring and has a knack for extracting valuable insights from online social discussions. I was very impressed with her knowledge of Radian6 and her ability to work with 3M brand teams (Post-It, Scotch, Command, Filtrete) to help them understand how to utilize social media to gain actionable consumer insight.” Jason S.


  • “Karin provided my business with excellent IT recommendations that have increased our web presence and driven many more customers toward our site! I fully recommend her services to small and mid-sized companies looking to improve their search engine results.” Russ H.


  • “Immediately after hiring Karin she got right on task. She is constantly working on generating more sales for me both on and off my website. She works out of the box and is a great business consultant with lots of knowledge. I would highly recommend Karin.” Brooks C.


  • “Working with Karin is delightful and fun. She is smart, organized and a very good communicator. She knows web strategy in and out, and her process for developing a custom approach for each project is brilliant. I love how she keeps me on track and provides leadership and support all along the way.” Pam K.


  • “I recently hired Karin to edit the content on my website and brochure for a company I am starting. The entire process exceeded my expectations. Karin was able to gather the history, purpose, tone, and personality of my business and display these throughout the content in a clear, concise manner. Karin knew all of the right questions to ask and after just one half-hour phone conversation and three emails, she was able to create my website and brochure to be exactly what I wanted in just one week. I cannot recommend Karin enough and will definitely think of her first for future marketing content needs!”  Venessa S.


  • “I had a tough time selecting only three attributes to describe Karin as I am blown away by her work every time we connect. Karin designed a new website for me as well as sends out monthly newsletters. I have been in business for 30 years & rarely discover an artist that covers professionalism to thoroughly as well. Karin keeps me on track with her time line & is a joy to work with. I believe in her & the product she offers. I look forward to collaborating with Karin for years to come.” Heidi H.


  • “Karin was a tremendous help with or web site and search engine optimization. She was able to speak “computer” to the necessary people and then translate information into English for us. Karin has the ability to work through the overwhelming opportunities for web sites and narrow things down for your individual site.” Kim L.


Online Marketing Speaking & Presentations

  • “I was impressed by Karin’s skills while attending one of her workshops – and hired her to lead a LinkedIn workshop for AIGA Minnesota. Karin effectively communicated her knowledge and expertise on various tools and techniques to a diverse group of our membership; her presentation was rich in content and to the point. She made the audience feel welcome and comfortable to ask questions. The feedback we received for the event Karin led for AIGA Minnesota was unanimously positive. I highly recommend Karin as a presenter – she is extremely knowledgeable, articulate, and approachable.” Katrin L.


  • “I heard Karin speak at the 2012 MAHU convention. She was extremely energenic and passionate about what she does. The information she presented on strategically utilizing social media for business advantages was very valuable and inspired me to learn more.” Ken K.


  • “Karin is an extremely articulate communicator on the strategy and tactics surrounding the efficient and effective use of the internet to promote and build one’s business. If you want to learn how to derive the maximum results from your investment in the internet you can’t go wrong learning from Karin either as a speaker or as a consultant.” Robert A.


  • “Karin spoke recently at the Southwest Metro Chamber’s Women’s BIZ event and did a great job. We had many compliments from our attendees!! Her information was timely and useful. I would have her speak again!!” Lynda H.


  • “Karin’s presentation was wonderful! Most of the people in the group she spoke to were new to social media and were afraid of what it is. She was wonderful at helping them to understand the purpose of the different programs and the effective uses of each one. What I appreciated most is that she didn’t talk down to them, but rather engaged them in a conversation to help alleviate their fears. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, insightful presenter for your group.” Becky C.


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