Twitter Takers: Who Are These People?

Anyone who has been halfway awake to the chatter around social media knows that it is more important to give than to receive (or take) in the world of social media. And yet, there are so many out there who blatantly ignore this advice. At times, I feel I must have been absent during the lesson on why spamming and scamming works. I find myself asking, as I’m sure many of you have, “Who are these people!?”

Take a look at Twitter. In the early days, I’ll admit I saw a lot of spammers, porno players and various other unsavory acts on Twitter. In response, I locked down my account, protected my tweets and almost (I say almost) wrote Twitter off as a useless tool. Then, a few short years later, friends, colleagues, thought-leaders, professionals and what I would call other “amazing people” started popping up on Twitter. Today, a whole smorgasbord with its own ecosystem is out on Twitter. I can’t remember exactly when I opened the doors and released the locks again, but when I did I found that in former Mayor Rudy Giuliani fashion, Twitter had cleaned up the streets and it appeared safe to go outside again.

Skip forward to June 2011. Suddenly I am seeing more and more spammers, porno players and various other unsavory acts re-appear on Twitter. I have a habit of checking the profile of all my followers and deciding if it makes sense for me to follow them back. Today alone I found half a dozen accounts with photos of beautiful girls and the same catchy profile description, something about peace and love. Hmmm, now if you don’t find that suspicious. Every day I get at least one, if not several, followers who don’t seem to have any issues with tweeting the same self proclamation over and over again, “Make millions by using XYZ,”  which by the way links to their obnoxious info-video and lead generation form. If they could just reach through the screen and grab your wallet they would. What’s surprising is that these same people have thousands of followers! Who are these people and what is their point?

I guess it’s as Mom always said, “It takes all types for the world to go around!”

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