Video is 53x More Likely to Show Up on Google

What I Learned this Week: Video is 53x More Likely to Show Up on Page One in Google

Online video for businessThis is the first post of what I hope will be a long series of posts under the subheading, “What I Learned This Week”. With all the great marketing information being shared by seasoned professionals and industry experts during our free webinars and other events, I feel it is my duty to share with all of you some of what I’m learning.


This week Tim Lewis from Master Communications group gave us a rundown of what a business professional needs to know before jumping into online video. He shared exciting facts about video. Did you know:

  • Video is 53x more likely than a text post to produce a first page search result (Forrester Reports)
  • Over 75% of C-Level executives use video on business related web sites on at least a weekly basis (

That information alone perked my ears up.


Tim offered some excellent tips to the moonlighting videographer. Tips I picked up on included:

  • Don’t try to get your subject (the person who is speaking) to look directly into the camera for too long. It’s difficult for them and the viewer.
  • Try some shots with direct eye contact with the camera and some where the person is looking off to the side – interview style.
  • Be sure you light a person’s eyes well.


Another tip, mix up the types of shots you use. Instead of taking a camera and shooting from one position, you should have a variety of angles and shots – wide, medium and close. This is not to say you should go crazy with camera affects. Tim highly discourages the weird transitions and camera zooms (no zebra stripes!). As Tim explains, this make the viewer concentrate more on the affect than the content of the video. Finally, according to Tim close is almost always better. You want to fill the screen.


Creating Online Videos for Your Business gave me a lot to think about. All the different types of video, the general demand for video online, the magnetism video seems to give to your message, are all reasons I will consider video for my company in the future.



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