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webinar presentation tipsAt Strategy E-ssentials we’ve presented a number of business webinars. Whether it’s an audience of 5 or 500 the following tips will help you as you prepare for your webinar. By applying these tips, you’re nearly guaranteed to be  more confident and appear more professional.



1. Chose the right vendor
Easier said than done. Choosing the right webinar vendor can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Once you start looking you realize there are a number of vendors available all with their own set of features, benefits, costs, included services and extra fees. From my experience and from talking with others who have used the biggest to the smallest webinar vendors, there is no “fail-proof” webinar system. You could have technical issues no matter who you chose. How those technical issues are handled, and thus how you look in front of your client or potential client, is what is most important. To learn more about choosing the right vendor read, “Webinars: Selecting a Vendor“.



2. Turn it all off.
Turn off all extra programs, browser windows and operations running in the background during your webinar presentation. It may seem unnecessary in today’s world of high bandwidth and speedy connections, but there will come a time when you may need that extra boost to make your webinar continue smoothly.


3. Turn off alerts.
Whether it’s Skype telling you your sister is online, your mail service informing you that you got mail or your buddy attempting a chat, during a business webinar is not the time for alerts to spring up on your screen. Be sure you turn them all off before you start.


4. Turn off your phone(s).
It’s happened more than once, the webinar has started and the presenter or host has forgotten to turn off either the cell phone or a nearby office phone. Instant distraction. Turn it off.


5. Shut the door.
Let others know you will be presenting a live webinar (or recording a webinar) and that you are not to be disturbed. If you have a home office, don’t forget about the doorbell. Leave a note on the door.


6. Put the pets away.
I see this “rule” broken all the time by small business owners who work from a home office – pets stealing the spotlight. Unless they are the star of the show, cats, dogs, birds and other pets should be far enough away that they cannot be seen or heard during your webinar.



7. Watch that mouse.
Pay attention to where you place your cursor or arrow on the page. You don’t want your cursor to be sitting on words or to become a distraction in the middle of the page. Keep it off to the side.


8. Don’t pile paper.
I learned this one the hard way. Be sure to have any notes for your webinar neatly  laid out so the audience doesn’t hear a rustle of papers as you move from point to point. This is also helpful to keep you organized and on track throughout your presentation.


9. Speak slow and clearly.
It’s always a good practice to speak slow and clear to an audience for comprehension, but during a webinar it’s essential. Depending on the output of the webinar on the viewer’s side, there may be a delay or even small skips in the audio or visual. If you are speaking or moving through the material too fast, your audience will not be able to keep up and may become confused. A confused audience often leaves or is easily distracted by incoming emails and other outside events.


10. Enjoy yourself.
This is another one of those statements that is easy to say, but depending on who you are, much harder to practice. If your nervous or tense, it will come through in the webinar. Your mood comes through whether or not your webinar is audio-only or audio and visual.

The best way I have found to combat the butterflies is to practice! Record yourself doing a webinar. If you don’t have that option, record yourself on standard video. Find something that you can play back to evaluate yourself. It takes time and work to create the perfect webinar. I admire the pros out there who have been doing it for years and everything they do seems to flow seamlessly. Watch the pros and pick up more tips. Good luck to you. I’d love to hear how it turns out!


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