What do you do when you receive BAD Customer Service?

What do you do when you are at the receiving end of bad customer service? I recently was reminded how poorly some people can treat their customers during a trip to the FedEx Office store in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. I’d love to hear your stories of poor customer service and what you did about it. Read my story below…

I needed to get a set of passport photos and overnight an envelope to a foreign embassy. After calling local photo shops and discovering they no longer provide passport photos, I was referred to FedEx Office. I called the FedEx Office store nearby and was thrilled to find out that they could do the passport photos and send the envelope all in one shot. I didn’t even need to leave work early to get it all done. “How convenient is that!” I thought to myself. Finally something that wouldn’t add to my already stressful day. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

When I arrived at the store at 5:30 PM it was empty apart from three less than busy looking employees. There was no warm greeting or a “How may we help you?” I didn’t think anything of this since it’s pretty common today to miss the all important greeting. I went up to the counter and asked if I could get a set of passport photos and send a envelope overnight. I was asked to stand in front of a screen for the photos. Just before the gentleman took the photo, he mentioned the final size would be the standard 2”x2”. I explained I needed a slightly smaller size for this particular trip, so I’d need to cut them down. It was at this point things really went downhill.

The gentleman behind the camera refused to take the photograph stating I’d need to go somewhere else to get “that size” photo taken. Taken off guard, I asked if he knew of other places in the area that could take such photos. A man whom I assumed was the manager, came over and suggested that I go to the embassy (which is in WASHINGTON D.C) or another government agency. Considering this was a Friday evening, and I needed everything to arrive by Monday morning, this was not a viable option. Feeling belittled, I left the store.

After sitting in my car for about five minutes contemplating my next move, I finally came to the realization that this was ridiculous. I could cut the photos myself and still get everything out on time. I went back into the store. I was met by an annoyed man named Brook; the one whom I’d assumed was the manager. I explained to him that I really need to send everything tonight for an emergency Visa due to a death in the family. It was clear to me that my request infuriated him.  In the end, the photos were taken, I did manage to get a paper cutter to trim the photos myself and I was able to get the envelope sent that night.

I have rarely been treated with such disdain or witnessed someone be so completely unsympathetic to a clearly stressed person. As I labored over the cutting of the photographs, I noted no less than three other customers who cheerfully entered the store and were promptly treated just as poorly as I had been. I won’t visiting the Eden Prairie FedEx Office store anytime soon thanks to Brook and his staff, and I can’t imagine the other customers who came in that night will return if they have other options.

Ironically, I had to sign up for an account to get things completed. Since signing up, I’ve received a phone recorded message thanking me and a “welcome” packet sent via FedEx (of course). Nowhere in the packet, on the website or in the phone message did it tell me how to provide customer feedback. I guess treating the customer right isn’t part of the FedEx promise. I’ll know better next time.


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