What Facebook Fans Mean to Business

Fans = More Customers…Right?

Many of the businesses that have embraced Facebook appear to still be busy trying to acquire as many fans as possible. There are obviously benefits, right? More fans equals more potential customers, or so some business owners seem to think. One of the first questions a business client typically asks of a social media professional is, “How can I get more followers?” It seems businesses are trying everything to increase their Facebook “Likes”. And yet, it’s rare for these businesses to be able to explain why they want Facebook fans, or what they expect to gain from being on Facebook in the first place.

What does the fan count mean? Fans aren’t sales leads in the traditional sense. They are simply people who like your brand, and are willing to listen to you. The fan count in itself isn’t very significant. It’s simply a metric that is often talked about because it sounds sexy. Some social media companies sell their services based on promising a fixed number of followers for a business. This is not a good reason to hire a company! Would you rather have 500 fans who will listen to you, comment, and share what you post, or 5,000 fans who ignore you, your brand, and your message? Even worse, companies can actually buy followers. These aren’t real followers and more often than not, they do nothing more than pad your numbers. In fact, most of these purchased fans are just empty accounts with no humans behind them!


9 value posts to 1 self promo postAccumulating Facebook Fans

Then how do you accumulate quality fans? Two words: provide value. Your fans will want to hear more from you and share if you provide them with content which is interesting, educational, entertaining, and relevant. The general rule of thumb for Facebook is nine value adding posts to one self-promoting one. Think about it, even if you like a brand, you will quickly tune them out if they post a sales pitch multiple times a day. By talking about topics which interest your fans, you will quickly establish yourself as a leader in your field. When your fans, or their connections, need the services or products you provide,  your company will be top of mind.


Setting Realistic Goals

As with any business undertaking, you need to have measurable goals. If you expect to measure your Facebook ROI purely in dollars and cents, your expectations will not match reality. On the other hand, if you put up a business Facebook page simply to collect followers, you are wasting your time. So what are realistic goals on Facebook?
Your goals should be dictated by your overall marketing strategy. Realistic goals for a Facebook presence could be:
  • To create awareness of your brand or company.
  • To collect leads.
  • To engage with your customers or fans.
A word of caution, think of social media as a supplement to your marketing strategy, not a replacement.



We have just scratched the surface on what Facebook followers mean, and what types of things you should be posting. Obviously there are many more considerations when it comes to Facebook, but if I got you to at least think about how some of these things relate to you or your company, I have done my job.

Contributed by guest blogger Alex Meystelman, Red Elixir Business Solutions. Want to learn more about how your company can use Facebook? Watch for upcoming and recorded webinars presented by the Red Elixir team!
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