What Savvy Social Businesses Are Doing

At this fall’s Social Media Success Stories, moderated by Strategy E-ssentials, guest speakers Kris Newcomer from Gold Nugget Tavern & Grille, Rachael Eide from Lakewinds Natural Foods and Abbey Tosic representing St. Paul Classic Cookie Company told a room full of business owners what’s working for their business when it comes to social media.

6 Tips from Savvy Social Businesses

1. Measurement is vital. One of Kris Newcomer’s keys to success is measurement. She carefully tracks each visit to the website and Facebook page to determine where to spend her time and money. For example, a visitor coming to the website from Yelp or Urban Spoon is “free.” If these “free” visits outnumber her paid adverting visits, Kris knows time to rethink the strategy. This may result in a cut in ad spend. If you’re not carefully monitoring your traffic, you could be throwing money out the door!

Savvy businesses

2. Brand consistency is key. All three businesses emphasized the importance of brand recognition. You only have a matter of seconds to be recognized, be sure your target audience can recognize your logo, colors and style without a second thought.

3. Participate. Be a part of the conversation, respond to comments, enter contests, join events. Both product and service organizations have opportunities in these areas. Companies that master the art of listening, conversing and gaining the right exposure through fun and appropriate means, will rise to the top.

4. Simplify social management. For businesses of all sizes social management can be simplified with free and inexpensive tools like TweetdeckSocialOomph and HootSuite. Tools alone won’t make your life easier. Be sure you couple the tools with a comprehensive plan. Know your objectives before you jump on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. and plan out your message.

5. Google Docs for Gathering Input. Rachael shared a wonderful system she used with all the managers to gather information on what’s happening in their department each week so she can easily communicate it out via social media. By using a simple Google survey and dropping the information into a spreadsheet, she saves herself countless hours and gathers valuable information to share with Lakewinds’ followers each week. Whether your company is product or service based, this system would be a terrific way to gather, store and disseminate information on a regular basis.

6. Integrate social media on your website. Abbey showed how St. Paul Classic Cookie Company’s new website will be integrating their social presence by using a “speaking balloon” to show off their recent tweets and posts. By integrating your social presence on your website, you bring everything full circle – Facebook, Twitter, reviews, etc. Your social presence is really just another part of your overall online presence. By connecting the dots you make a seamless experience for your customer to get the full picture of who you are and what you can do for them.

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