What Steve Jobs Has Passed On To Us

Steve Jobs

Yesterday we lost an inspiring, influential and undoubtedly one of the greatest innovators of our time, Mr. Steve Jobs. His vision of what could be accomplished and where the human spirit can take technology was immeasurable. If you’ve watched his 2005 Standford University commencement speech you’ve been treated to his three life changing stories. To me this is a very important speech as it clearly tells us the three keys to success and joy in life and in business.

First, Jobs tells us about why he dropped out of college. He didn’t have the passion, focus or drive to continue. And yet he dropped IN on classes he did have passion for, namely calligraphy. This interest became a stepping stone for what would later become fonts on the Apple computer.

Second, Jobs tells us about being fired from Apple. We can all relate to a time when we have been rejected. Whether it’s been from a job, a lover, a friendship or something else we hold dear. It hurts our pride. It hurts our heart. It makes us want to run and hide. Jobs felt this way too. But then he realized he felt free. Free to do more. This was a turning point. He discovered he truly LOVED what he did, and BELIEVED in what he did. His advice to us, “Find what you love and what you believe in… Keep looking and don’t settle… It gets better and better!”

Finally, Jobs talks about coming to terms with his own mortality. In 2004 he was told he had prostate cancer and only had a few months to live. There aren’t many more eye-opening experiences in life than getting close to death. Jobs explains that realizing you’re going to die helps you make the big choices because all you’re left with is what is truly important. His advice to all of us: “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life!”

We can learn a lot from Steve Jobs.

  • Never stop learning. Every experience is a stepping stone to the next adventure.
  • Find your passion and follow it fiercely.
  • “Live every day as if it was you last because someday you will be right.”

He has passed on his secrets to success in life and in business. How will we choose to use them?

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