What’s Your Positive Customer Service Experience?

We know that people are more likely to talk about a negative experience than to boast about a positive one. To balance the positive with the negative, I am devoting this post to a great customer service experience I recently had at Whole Foods in Minneapolis. I’d be interested in hearing your superior customer service stories or comments.

I’ve read that Whole Foods has extraordinary customer service, but considering the nearest store is miles from my home and in an inconvenient part of town, I haven’t had the opportunity to experience it. Well, last week I had a taste (literally) of Whole Foods renown customer service.

I dropped by Whole Foods to buy a quick lunch on my way to a meeting. While I was there I decided to stop in the chocolate section. First, you have to understand I love chocolate. Not just any chocolate, but good, quality, dark chocolate that stays with you. I have been on the search for a replacement to my 70% Lindt chocolate ever since they changed the recipe earlier this year. It has been a difficult and expensive search. Back to my story…

I entered the chocolate isle and was immediately confronted with dozens of chocolate choices with prices that ranged from the affordable to the obscene. Lucky for me a Whole Food sales associate was stocking shelves nearby. Let’s call him Jim. After examining several bars of chocolate, I finally asked Jim if he was a chocolate lover. He confirmed he was. I asked him if he had a recommendation for a dark chocolate (around 70% cocoa) that didn’t come across as plastic-like or cost more than fresh lobster. He scanned the selections and picked out a few he thought would be to my liking. Then to my total surprise, he opened them up and asked if I wanted a taste test to see if I liked one of his selections. He added if there was a particular one I’d like to try, he’d be happy to open another. I tried his selections and found a winner by the third one. I was sold!

Often it doesn’t take much to WOW a customer. Jim’s attention to my need for good chocolate, and the fact that he had the go ahead from the company to help a customer make a choice by letting them sample the product, was enough to make me an advocate. I’ll be sure to go to Whole Food whenever I am nearby and I’m happy to tell others to do the same. Thank you Whole Foods for understanding how to treat a customer and seeing past the cost of a few opened chocolate bars.

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